​​Circle Project: O.W.N. & O.A.C.B.D.D. (Ohio Association of County Board of Developmental Disabilities) collaborated to create state-wide training on Outcomes.

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The Ohio Waiver Network is dedicated to continual learning for all levels in the Developmental Disabilities field. 


All O.W.N. members have access to a variety of training topics for managers, D.S.P.'s, and the people we serve. We offer weekly subscriptions to training tips that all levels of management can benefit from. We also regularly partner with other organizations and D.O.D.D. to present and educate the provider community on rule or philosophy changes. 

Trainings available to OWN members 

​Past Trainings

For DD Employees

- Communication

- Fire Extinguisher Training

- Vehicle Driving Tips

- Power Tool Training (on many tools)

- What makes a great team?

- Balancing your Day

- See Me (de-escalating, employee self-

   care, support vs. fix, dignity of risk,

   relationship building, trauma and why       it's important, communication and               crisis, I.S.P. refresher) 

People we Serve

- What to do when someone is mean

- Making Choices

- Your I.S.P. Meeting

- Relationships

- Bed Bug Prevention

- Internet Scams

- My Plate (healthy eating)

- Working together after a break up


- Weekly Training Tip (email)

- Management Tips

- Unusual Incident Report (U.I.R.) Training

- Basic Leadership 

- Success by Design - Ivy Lee Method

- Having Difficult Conversations

Up-Coming Training

Tom Rickels speaking

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" 

​Leonardo da Vinci



Community Integration & Supported Employment for Rural Counties

​​Join Thomas Hess of DODD, Scott Marks of OACB and Tom Rickels of the Ohio Waiver Network to discuss what this might look like in rural Ohio. 

This is open to all CB staff and providers! There is a limit of 60 people per training.


August 27, 2019

The Plains, Ohio

Download flyer here:

Register by emailing Annette@xexcel.net