What to Expect

The Ohio Waiver Network will ensure its members have a “seat at the table” in Columbus and carry forward the voice of its members.  We will review all proposed administrative rules and provide testimony accordingly.  We will interact with members of the General Assembly on relevant legislation and collaborate with other system stakeholders to maximize resources targeted to improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities..  The Ohio Waiver Network will develop policy positions and present those to department leadership in an effort to advance waiver services and a more simplistic business environment.  To gain appropriate input from the membership, we will come to you.  Our Team will meet with members regionally at least four times every calendar year (i.e., once per quarter) at a location that is convenient for members and as centrally as possible.  Of course, members will always be able to submit feedback electronically 24/7.

Who and What is The Ohio Waiver Network?

The Ohio Waiver Network is a new organization with a sole purpose:  advancing the waiver model in Ohio.  The future of Medicaid-funded services in the United States is undeniably the Home & Community Based Waiver model and Ohio is no exception.  The Ohio Waiver Network is being developed by a group of waiver providers committed to the Core Values of collaboration, system simplicity, and quality outcomes.  The creators of this Network believe the waiver model represents the future of service delivery in Ohio and have a vested interest and desire to shape that future by influencing policy and developing relationships that enable people to succeed.

Our Services

  • Cabinet Agency Lobbying

     Policy development

     Administrative rules

     Payment methods

  • Easy-to-Read Communication

     Member information e-mail blasts

     Social media presence (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)

  • Regional Policy Meetings

     Held every quarter throughout the year

     Continuous feedback loop

  • Training & Technical Assistance

     Business transformation

     Access to a network of resources

     Stakeholder facilitation

     Professional growth & development opportunities.